Lyn 21 Oakwood

Lyn 21 Oakwood
Categories: Floors CarpetsWall to wall carpeting
Product description

The declension of the square leads to a free handling of the system. The new designs present stretched lines or squares made of three stripes. They set a course with metallic brilliance or uncoloured structure. With the trend colours Brick, Dark Terra, Gu

nmetall, Zinnober, Concrete and Oakwood the extended Lyn program follows the spirit of the age. Moreover, the refinement of weaving techniques is giving rise to new design options: Carpet Concept developed a new manufacturing process for the fitting of th

e stainless steel runners.

Materialpolymide / nylon (PA)
Colorsshades of grey
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Carpet Concept, Germany

Peter Maly

Carsten Gollnick