Categories:Fabrics / Textiles
Product description

Upholstery fabric with a Chevron-pattern in three-dimensional look.

The beauty and the rich diversity of selected islands of this world are the inspiration for the SAHCO Collection 2017, presenting itself as a great ensemble. The main aspects are modern, trendy colours and geometric shapes combined with a deliberately simplified design language.The new textiles feature exciting, versatile textures and scintillate with a clear colour palette. Each fabric stands out and shines by itself. Suspense is created by the combination of materials and textures. Course-textured flat woven fabrics harmonise perfectly with classy velvets as well as with fine sheers.The hand-picked selection of fabrics allows for individual design options. The room as an island; self-contained in its beauty; however: personality, character and individuality only emerge from the interplay of colours, shapes and textures.The SAHCO Collection 2017 creates a lifestyle and is an invitation to travel – with style and relaxed nonchalance.

Width1400 mm