Chilled ceiling dur-COOLTEC

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Product description

Besides the integration of lighting and acoustics, air-conditioning and cooling elements can also be installed in metal ceilings. This is an important addition to the range of functions of metal ceilings.

durlum offers planners and architects great freedom of design; durlum's dur-COOLTEC chilled ceilings can be manufactured as closed, suspended metal ceilings, or as free-hanging suspended panels in practically any desired form.

dur-COOLTEC can be used anywhere. It is especially suitable for all rooms in which people stay, where the thermal loads are not too great, and where the heat exchange surfaces can absorb part of the heat by radiation.

The system is especially suitable when refurbishing, because water can easily be taken to the application site and has a high energy density. Any additional quantity of air required is likely to be small and easy to arrange. The efficiency is therefore very good.

As a manufacturer of metal ceilings and lighting systems durlum also offers complete ceiling-lighting combinations.

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