Basel: Prize Ceremony for the Swiss Art Awards and Swiss Design Awards

The prize ceremony for the Swiss Art Awards and Swiss Design Awards takes place this year on June 12-13.

This year's Swiss Art Award receive Delphine Chapuis Schmitz, Jean-Charles de Quillacq, Cédric Eisenring, Anne Hildbrand, Florence Jung, Miriam Laura Leonardi, Tobias Madison, Manon Wertenbroek, Micha Zweifel, Rodet & Truwant (Architecture) und Egija Inzule (Criticism, Edition, Exhibition).

Swiss Design Award receive Erwan Frotin (Photography), Jean-Vincent Simonet (Photography), Dinamo (Graphic design), Robert Huber (Graphic design), Johnson/Kingston (Graphic design), Omnigroup (Graphic design), Studio Feixen (Graphic design), Vanessa Schindler (Fashion and Textile design), Julia Seemann (Fashion and Textile design), Mikael Vilchez (Fashion and Textile design), Michel Charlot (Products und Objects), Damian Fopp (Products und Objects), Kueng Caputo (Products und Objects), Bertille Laguet (Products und Objects), Sebastian Marbacher (Products und Objects), Max Frommeld & Arno Mathies (Products und Objects), Depot Basel (Education) und Matylda Krzykowski (Education).

 The ceremony for the awards organized by Schweizerischer Bundesamt für Kultur takes place parallel to Art Basel and DesignMiami in Basel and is divided into two parts: on June 12, the Swiss Art Award will be bestowed on the recipients. At the same time, architect Peter Märkli, artist Daniela Keiser and art and architectural historian Philip Ursprung will be awarded the Swiss Grand Prix Art/Prix Meret Oppenheim. On June 13 the 17 winners of the Swiss Design Award will receive their prizes and the Swiss Grand Prix Design will go to jewelry designer David Bielander, illustrator Thomas Ott and graphic designer Jean Widmer. (fap)

Installation Rodet & Truwant
Installation von Rodet & Truwant, die den Swiss Art Award in der Kategorie Architektur gewonnen haben.