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A cleansing revolution: Fittings manufacturer Dornbracht is presenting a unique technological innovation that sculpts water into the source of one's well-being – Ambiance Tuning Technique. A symbiosis of water experience, aesthetic architecture, minimalist design, convenient operation and innovative control technology, the Ambiance Tuning Technique completely redefines the shower experience. Ambiance Tuning Technique hones the power of water, making it sensitive to the user's mood. The water area is reinvigorated with a new and pioneering technology. A modular system architecture comprising of the water outlets JustRain, Watersheet and Waterbar and the system components eTool, eValve and eSwitch, put one-of-a-kind water choreography within reach. The localised position of the innovative eValve control unit directly behind each of the water outlets means that water volume and temperature can now be regulated individually for each outlet point simultaneously. The components of the Ambiance Tuning Technique regulate volume and temperature as well as the sequence of the various types of water streams fully automatically. One push of the button starts the roughly five-minute-long preprogrammed choreographies and replaces more than 100 exact and manual water volume and temperature settings. That enables full attention to be directed towards experiencing water and cleansing the body, transforming it into a ritual for body and mind. The specially developed shower scenarios, Balancing, Energizing and De-Stressing, stimulate the three human dimensions of body, mind and soul.


Dornbracht, Germany

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by Dornbracht

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