Dornbracht, Germany

Sieger Design

BigRain Overhead rain-shower spray system
Stylepark-ID: 06.1053.90905
Categories: Bath / Sanitary Bathroom tapsShower fittingsShower heads
Product description

Pure rain drizzles or showers down from the BIG RAIN onto the person below. Nothing distracts in any way - either architecturally or technically. Set into the ceiling or mounted below the ceiling, this module may be combined with any shower, whether it has a shower tray or a shower screen. There is no need to change anything here; only the way you shower will be a completely new experience. Using the xTOOL control it is possible to select two rain modes, separately or combined: the body spray which surrounds the bather entirely with water; and the head spray with its intensive jet to target head, neck and face. Thanks to their separate control systems BIG RAIN, like RAIN SKY E and RAIN SKY M, are the only rain panels with the option of switching off the head spray to prevent water flowing onto the face if required.

Width 480 mm
Functions showerhead
Type of construction of fittings ceiling version
Material stainless steel
Colors silver
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by Dornbracht

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