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At the SHK trade fair in Essen (5-8 March 2008), under the heading "Symetrics Architecture Module Options", Dornbracht, the leading manufacturer of high-quality fittings and accessories for bathroom and kitchen, will be introducing the Symetrics module system - an architectonic complete bathroom concept. Thanks to its very precise structures, Symetrics permits a design that gives more room to the room itself. More room for opulence, for personal character and for furnishings.

The fundamental idea: a matrix. All of the Symetrics modules are adjusted to fit on this matrix (basic parameters: 60 x 60 mm), so that they can be arranged together in absolutely any combination. Everything goes with everything else - washstand, shower and bidet alike. As a result, the focus is concentrated on the room as a whole, rather than just the individual designer fittings.

"The entire overall appearance of the bathroom can be completely redefined by the arrangement of the Symetrics modules," remarked managing director, Andreas Dornbracht. "In using Symetrics, purists and individualists in particular can offer themselves completely new perspectives for room planning."

Symetrics opens the physical bathroom space up to new, lively composition concepts. Because of the reduction to the one set of basic area, the bathroom remains tidy, designed around the visually calming rhythm of the matrix. Having the space so clearly defined makes room for individual design, for personal expression, and so marks the bathroom out as a new type of living space. Dimension, rhythm and space release us from the obligation to be moderate, and they detract from the full effect of opulent design ideas. So, in the sample Symetrics Bathroom staged by Dornbracht, a ‘Paimio Chair', by Bauhaus designer Alvar Alto, and a hand-woven, antique Tibetan carpet can co-exist, breaking the sober coldness of the metal floor, and guide both the glance and the person towards a wall cultivated with real mosses, grass and ivy - impressive plant architecture as a luxurious oasis within a minimalist frame, as can also currently be seen in drafts by leading architects such as Herzog & de Meuron or Jean Nouvel.

In addition to its clear geometry, the product range also distinguishes itself through consistent water control solutions. With the spray head systems the operation of the mixer is integrated into the tube connection, and xGate, a completely new form of control, combines the advantages of a single-lever mixer with enjoyably more comfort. Last, but not least, there is the possibility of using the bathroom user's individual body size as a benchmark for the module dimensions.

Thanks to its restrained design, Symetrics can be used in combination with many Dornbracht ranges, and can be complemented with matching accessories for every area. The choice of modules and components thereby creates the greatest possible planning freedom, as well as a multitude of modes of application. The Symetrics matrix is adjusted to match the dimensions of the Dornbracht Balance Modules. The product design came from Sieger Design.

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