Tara black single-hole basin mixer

Product description

A reduction of the diameter of handles and rosettes and extension of the fitting body - even if only by a few millimeters - give Tara a clearly slimmer, more upright and fine appearance. It has become finer and even more elegant. Without losing its character. Very subtle. An adjustment of the highest standard. This includes sharpening the overall contours of all fittings to underscore Tara's perfect geometrical, symmetrical and clear style even more. Tara is available for the first time with matt white and matt black finishes in the special editions Tara. Black Edition and Tara. White Edition. Matt and velvety, Tara. becomes an expression of a new avant garde, which is defined not only by shape, but by its finish as well. The clear architectural colors black and white are a deliberate hommage to Bauhaus. They allow for either maximum contrast or maximum harmony in the bathroom. Tara. Black Edition in a predominantly white bathroom. Or Tara. White Edition in an environment of dark tones. Or fittings and room flowing together in the same color.

Functions tilting
Type of construction of fittings standing version
Assembly mode one hole
Material metal (unspecified)
Colors black
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by Dornbracht

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PDF dornbracht_bathroom_d_nl_f_ml_pdf_h.pdf 13.74 MB
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PDF culture_projects_booklet_d_gb_ml_pdf_h.pdf 3.14 MB
PDF design_principles_booklet_d_gb_ml_pdf_h.pdf 1.1 MB
PDF innovation_leadership_booklet_d_gb_ml_pdf_h.pdf 1.96 MB
PDF Dornbach_Touchfree-D_NL_F_170502_132025.pdf 1.21 MB
PDF Dornbracht_Touchfree_USA_170502_132026.pdf 1.22 MB
PDF Dornbracht_Touchfree_GB_IT_ES_170502_132028.pdf 1.21 MB
PDF Dornbracht_LifeSpa_GB.pdf 6.73 MB
PDF Dornbracht_VAIA_D_NL_F.pdf 8.41 MB
PDF Dornbracht_VAIA_GB_I_E.pdf 8.45 MB
PDF Dornbracht_glazed_steel_kitchen_sinks_2017_EN.pdf 434.56 KB
PDF Dornbracht_Kuechenbecken_aus_glasiertem_Stahl_DE.pdf 438.44 KB


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