Water Zones Cutting Boards

Presented:Salone del Mobile 2010, Milan
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Product description

The large surface of the Cutting Boards corresponds perfectly to the dimensions of the Water Units. The cutting boards are designed to fit neatly within or on top of the sink (polish sentence). For instance, the cutting boards can placed on top of the Water Units sink transforming the area into additional work surface space. European oak was selected for the wooden Cutting Boards. Wood is a renewable resource that exudes natural value in its look and feel. The high tannic acid content of the oak's oiled surface is also antibacterial. Before producing the Cutting Boards, which are individually crafted to offer a precise fit, the wood must to be dried for one year in order to ensure the highest degree of dimensional perfection and stability. For the synthetic Cutting Board, polyethylene was selected due to its use in commercial kitchens and the health code requirements it must in turn fulfill (polish sentence). They are carved from large blocks of synthetic material to offer an extremely precise fit and high degree of stability. The material, which is black both inside and out, is highly abrasionresistant and non-damaging to knives, withstanding even extended use to uphold its superior design and quality. (Polish paragraph) All of the Cutting Boards are characterized by a special property: they maintain the crucial stable grip on work surfaces even during chopping. This means that the cutting boards do not slide or "wobble". Colored pins that can be inserted into the side of the Cutting Boards identify what each board is used for – red for meats, green for vegetables, blue for fish, yellow for poultry and black for universal cutting boards – corresponding to color labels in the food industry.

polyethylene (PE)
Colorsshades of brown
shades of red
shades of green
shades of blue

Dornbracht, Germany

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Dornbracht, Germany

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