PORTABLE ATELIER penholder high

Product description

The iconic element of the collection is the shelf in oak, which has lateral panels that allows the desk user to collect all personal objects and work. This tiny, orderly world is designed to be fun and movable so that the user can “take it with him”, this is an authentic “portable atelier”. The sliding element, available in white, black, uorescent yellow and uorescent orange, makes it possible to divide space functionally and dynamically and gives users the chance to personalise their desks with the colours that they prefer.
To complete the furnishings of the desk and accessorised shelf, Philippe Nigro also designed a series of functional accessories. A high penholder a low penholder /storage box and a box to store things in, made out of wood and metal. They are available in the same colours: white, black, uorescent yellow and uorescent orange. The shelf and desk accessories all have the same rounded shape as the iconic Moleskine notebook.

PENHOLDER HIGH: element in birch plywood with oak nish and steel sheet white, black, uorescent yellow or uorescent orange painted. W. 9 D. 7 H. 12,5

Width90 mm
Height125 mm
Depth70 mm
shades of red
shades of green

Driade, Italy

Philippe Nigro

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