Product description

Three heights are available: 35 cm (for the coffee table version), 52.5 cm (for the versions with a top partition in extra clear glass) and 70 cm for the polished aluminium version. They are all multiples of a basic module (17.5 cm) that becomes 35, 52,5, 70 and 140 (for the oval version).

“There is a special connection that governs the relations between us, space and objects. Readers, books and bookshops. Inhabitants, furniture and homes. Actors, sets and theatres. Drinkers, wine and glasses. Some objects draw their lifeblood and identity from what they contain or house. They are completely hollow: they exist because they receive strength from other objects which theymultiply. They are containers in which objects find their space, sets on which they perform. Typologically, Still Life is a small, square-shaped bookcase. Its shape allows books and discs to stand vertically on it but its compartments are theatrical wings that separate objects while creating a backdrop for each single one. Things find a place for themselves in a space where they are showcased, staged, as well as contained. Thus, Still life is a succession of spaces, a sequence of sets." Francesco Librizzi

A set of storage units, coffee tables, small displays. To protect, exhibit, collect. An elegant family of accessories that marks spaces, telling people about its owners and about the things they love, but with discretion and personality. Still Life can house everyday object in its geometric partitions – a lamp, book or glass – or showcase the objects we love, rigorously and ethereally, just like a glass display. Still Life is a family of nine coffee tables, in three heights, available in five colour options: sand, black, gold, burgundy and green. Only the largest version is available in polished aluminium for a sculptural effect that becomes the focal point of any space. The collection is completed by a set of accessories that increase its functions and enhance its aesthetics: a bookrest, a small dish and a large one.

Height350 mm / 525 mm / 700 mm
shades of red
shades of green
shades of beige
gold / brass

Driade, Italy

Francesco Librizzi