The White Snow Luminarie table set

Presented: Salone del Mobile 2016, Milan
Stylepark-ID: 01.1025.00685
Categories: Interior accessoriesTable accessoriesTableware
Product description

“Fascinated by the sparkling vibrant designs of the luminarie (lamps), we created a festive decoration that would recall their colourful unde ned contours.” Analogia Project The luminarie accompany traditional celebrations and festivities, especially in southern Italy. Analogia Project’s decoration pays colourful homage to this peculiar and lively aspect of Italian folk culture.

Luminarie is a decoration that underscores the classical shape of The White Snow. It is not a complete collection but a series of powerfully ornamental items designed to be placed either individually or combined with white. Each item presents a different design, a fragment of a brightly coloured lamp. Hence, teacups, coffee cups, sake glasses, dessert plates, dinner plates and side dishes create a joyful and colourful landscape.

Material ceramic (unspecified)
Colors white
shades of red
shades of violet
shades of blue
shades of green

Driade, Italy

Andrea Mancuso

Emilia Serra