Product description

Reality is undoubtedly one of the greatest sources of inspiration for designers. Designers are often people who "look at things with a different eye". This is especially true for the so-called "readymades", starting with Marcel Duchamp's "Pissoir". Miki A

stori tackles his new 2010 piece for Driade from this point of view. The ZELIGHT lamp clearly reinterprets the type of lamps found on building sites: simple, solid and equipped with a long cable. For some years this typology has been employed in lighting

design to cater for a new way of living that increasingly involves moving from inside to outside, and taking the light with you. The rotational moulding production technique also gives this object a light and playful aptitude, distinguishing it from its


Colors white
shades of red
shades of green

Driade, Italy

Miki Astori