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Product description

Ready-made basins and sinks have long been a fundamental element of the DuPont™ Corian® range. For decades, the seamless integration of Corian® shapes and sheets has provided a beautiful, high quality, inherently hygienic and reliable solution to residential and public spaces across the globe. This offer has now been completely improved and expanded. The renewed full range of Corian® shapes includes a total of 40 models and is made up of models for the bathroom and for the kitchen. Each new bathroom basin is characterized by a versatile, contemporary design and incorporates innovative technical features.

In the kitchen and bathroom, the seamless construction and extensive colour palette of Corian® enable the material to suit a variety of interior styles. The basins deliver long term beauty and functionality in the most intimate spaces of the home, reflecting the personality of their owner.

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Width470 mm / 515 mm / 565 mm
Height120 mm / 130 mm / 140 mm
Depth374 mm / 385 mm / 396 mm
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