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Growing up, Munich-based designer Herbert Schultes envisioned life as a filmmaker, whose body of work would find its central focus in "storytelling." But as is so often the case, things didn't quite work out that way. Today, Schultes' work tells

a story of a special kind - one that is focused on design inspired by minimalist purity and clarity. For the first time in his career, he has produced a design for Duravit - "mirrorwall." This unique, all-encompassing mirror-wall system tells t

wo very unique stories: one focused on maintaining and encouraging wellness, and the other on enhancing the architectural characteristics of the bathroom.

Taking care of your body

As new movements in wellness continue to emerge, mor

e and more people are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits health-consciousness. In the home, the bathroom presents the most ideal space in which to take care of one's body.

In keeping wellness as one of his primary goals, Schultes turn

ed to the signature wall-to-wall mirrors common in ballet and fitness studios as the initial inspiration for his design. Additional inspiration was borne through the desire to enhance the architectural quality and "holistic" mood of the bathroom

. Rather than break up the wall through the installation of stand-alone components such as a washbasin, mirror, storage furniture or lighting fixtures, Schultes opted to combine all of these

unique elements into a singular "whole." Th

e quintessence of his design is its visual simplicity, which simultaneously provides a neutral background against which the body is put in its best light.

Minimalist design consisting of three components

In creating "mirrorwall,

" Schultes successfully combined all bathroom functions in just three components: a complete mirrored wall, which serves as the background to the piece; a sturdy ceramic "monoblock"; and a wood and ceramic console combination. The console p

rovides the perfect resting place for a ceramic washbasin which, with its glazed back, reflects elegantly in the mirror. Beneath the console, a ceramic-faced vanity unit measuring 80 mm in thickness, enhances the continuity of mirrorwall's "monoblock

" design. Sturdy and eye-catching, the face of the vanity is cast from a single piece of ceramic, a masterful achievement by Duravit's expert engineers.

The entire unit is framed by a solid aluminium surround, which rounds off the architec

tural impact of the piece. Available as a singular or "two-element" 2 m version, the mirrorwall range is available in four widths spanning from 1,200 to 1,700 mm.

The result? Mirrorwall enhances the design quality of both large and s

mall bathrooms alike.

The hidden "cabinet of mirrors"

Mirrorwall provides a highly elegant and functional solution to any bathroom renovation requirements or desires. The piece's delicately-angled corners hint at a secret s

pace that thrives behind the mirror wall. Above the washbasin, for example, there are two doors to discover.

When opened, the mirrored insides form a "cabinet of mirrors" along the back wall. Inside there are three flush-mounted light

s, and all daily bathroom requisites are within easy reach in convenient cherry wood boxes mounted on the doors. Concealed side cabinets feature power outlets and offer additional and useful storage space. A practical towel rail mounted on the front or si

de of the console adds the perfect touch to an incredible spacious vanity unit. Mirrorwall's inherent aesthetic qualities and practicality are combined with a third and vital component to allow for profiling the body to perfection: the right lighting!

Optimum lighting for ambiance and profile

If the existing bathroom is sufficiently lit, a clip-on 500 lux lamp provides the ideal solution for illuminating the mirrored wall. This light source provides warm and inviting illumination fo

r those of any height, and can be positioned to focus on particular areas, such as the user's face. This versatility in lighting is made possible by shading the light source by means of a reflecting "sail". Because of its special form and struct

ure, this sail refracts the light at a precise angle and reflects it exactly where it is needed.

The greater part of the illumination is reflected without glare directly onto the face. To prevent any "dark holes" in the mirrored wall,

a specifically- defined portion of light also illuminates the ceiling. With the clip-on lamp alternative, mirrorwall can also be attached directly to the wall in bathrooms where space is at a premium, since the room lighting and mirrorwall lighting combi

ne homogeneously to provide high quality illumination for the entire room.

An aura of light and color

If the existing room is not adequately lit, mirrorwall offers an alternative resolution. In this case, direct light is required for

the subject and for the room. To address this need, two swivel lamp columns along the respective lengths of the piece serve to illuminate the entire mirrored area and reflect light back into the room as well. This allows for the reflection of the entire

body length to be put in profile from all sides. At the same time, the light quality in the bathroom as a whole is heightened. Two lamps, two specific qualities, but with one thing in common: a gentle touch of the fingertip on a small LED is all that is

required to turn on the light. A second touch will optionally create a vibrant light show, as plain white light transforms into a magical splashes of color, with LED light strips on two sides radiating soothing blue, stimulating red, mood-enhancing green

or soft candlelight yellow light onto the surrounding walls and ceiling. In addition, two alternating color programs are also available as an option, with each color enhancing a new mood and creating a stimulating aura of light and color in the bathroom.

Width 1200 - 2000 mm
Table top shape rectangular
Material ceramic (unspecified)
Colors white
shades of brown
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