Product description

Alea – ingenuity meets flowerpot

As everyone knows, large flowerpots often look great, but they are almost impossible to move. Putting them on a rolling plant caddy might be a practical solution, but is not really an aesthetic one. The obvious solution: Alea.

Alea consists of a frame on wheels hidden by a polyester flowerpot cover. To move the filled flowerpot, just lift the flowerpot cover 20 cm and turn it 45°. Now that the wheels are released, you can easily move the unit. To put it back at its original spot, just carry out the same operations in reverse order.

Facts & figures

· Alea consists of a galvanised steel frame, a flowerpot, and a flowerpot cover.
· Both the flowerpot and the flowerpot cover are made of polyester fibreglass.
· Alea has a built-in water reservoir.
· Alea is available in two sizes: 52 x 52 x 46 cm and 90 x 90 x 85 cm.

The five standard colours are red, ivory, white, grey, and black. Subject to a minimum order quantity of 10 units, they are however available in any RAL colour.

Width520 mm / 900 mm
Height475 mm / 815 mm
Depth520 mm / 900 mm
Materialfibreglass (GRP)
shades of red

Extremis, Belgium

Dirk Wynants