Product description

Woodstock – fetching wood has never been so much fun

Enjoying the warmth of an open fire, a wood burner or a Qrater campfire with family or friends is only possible... if someone is willing to fetch the wood. A log basket? Not very efficient. And let's be honest, generally not very attractive either. The perfect solution? Woodstock!

Woodstock consists of a firewood rack and matching cart. You can fill the rack with a considerable amount of logs and then transport them effortlessly to where-ever you want. The rack keeps the logs neatly and beautifully stacked right where you need them, thus perfectly marrying beauty and functionality. And the cart? Why don't you also use it for transporting other heavy objects?

Efficiency, also from an environmental point of view

Woodstock is not only about great functionality, as most other Extremis products it also offers great environmental efficiency. As the cart is made of the leftovers of the rack, hardly anything goes to waste. A smart packaging design furthermore ensures a very limited transport volume. So it is not surprising that OVAM, the Flemish Public Waste Agency, refers to Woodstock as a classic example of an ecological product...

Facts & figures

· Woodstock consists of a firewood rack and matching cart. They are only available as a set.
· There is a powder coated indoor version (black) and a galvanised steel outdoor version. The outdoor version can of course also be used indoors and vice versa (subject to some extra care).

Woodstock can hold 1.18 m3 of wood provided that you use 30 cm logs.

Width 396 mm
Height 1220 mm
Depth 480 mm
Functions rollable
Material steel
Colors silver

Extremis, Belgium

Dirk Wynants