panel flooring

panel flooring
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Product description

A wide range of effects can be achieved by combining various timbers or by smoking timbers that contain tannic acid, such as oak, black locust or cherry.

The selection of timbers, storing them for many years and processing them to the highest s

tandard of craftsmanship results in the high quality and timeless beauty of our very durable floors.

A process developed and patented by our company enables us to pre-fabricate in our workshop panels approx. 100 x 100 cm in size and up

to 3 cm thick, which are then laid on site.

Each individual timber is tongued and grooved on all four sides and is not glued – therefore the panels are flexible.

The sub-floor of soft wood that has always been common forms a g

ood underground for parquetry panels. The increasing requirements for footstep sound insulation can be met by gluing the panels directly on to the screed, as is currently done in museums, for example.

Surface treatment always includes careful s

anding, followed by polishing with oil or wax, which enhances the colour and grain of the wood and emphasizes its lively nature. Age will enhance the patina created in this process.

Length1000 mm
Width1000 mm

Fagus, Germany