Presented:Light + Building 2014, Frankfurt
Categories: Interior lightingPendant strip lights
Product description

For lighting professionals looking for the “back bone” of a lighting installation in office or tertiary space project, Endless is a LED lighting system offering coherent solutions suitable for any kind of installation. Endless not only provides with visua

lly confortable and efficient light, but combines top level performances with impeccable aesthetic and top quality construction. All project needs can be satisfied combining the three size of the office channel (35 - 70 - 100 mm) and the for installation

alternatives (recessed, recessed trim, surface and suspended), with versions offering diffuse or 45º glare free light to respond to the ambient design requirements.

Recessed LED luminaire system specifically designed for offices facilities. Famil

y available in three width sizes: 35mm, 70mm, 100m. Let’s Work! has been developed in four different lengths (600mm, 900mm, 1150mm and 1400mm), and the client can connect them to get the length needed. There are available two different optics: general lig

hting with opal diffuser and technical lighting with a micro-diffuser to get a beam angle of 45º.

Length600 mm / 900 mm / 1150 mm / 1400 mm
Width35 mm / 70 mm / 100 mm
Diffuser/reflector shaperectangular

Flos Architectural, Italy