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Presented:Euroluce 2013, Milan
Categories: Interior lightingBuilt-in lightsCeiling built-in lights
Product description

Spotlight family for indoor use, easy to mount on plasterboard ceilings, comprised of one or two LED
lighting modules. The luminaire is available in following versions: Mono Point, Double Point and Suspension.
The Mono Point version is supplied with a recessed cylindrical frame, which houses the lighting module. This lighting module can be placed in its upper position, when it will work like a downlight, or in its lower position, becoming an adjustable spotlight. The Mono Point version is supplied with a frame, which should be fitted to the product if a Trim version is required, or without, if a No Trim version is required. The Double Point version is supplied with an injected thermoplastic material frame, which houses two lighting modules. Like the Mono Point version, the modules are directional and the frame enables the product to be concealed, leaving just the end visible. The Suspesion version is a variant of the Mono Point version. Its main characteristic is its suspended mounting.



Jorge Herrera