Light Shooter

Product description

A range of recessed downlights combining top visual confort and efficiency with very low installation impact and good integration in architecture, thanks to the special conical compact mask design. Mounting the most advanced led modules available on the m

arket reliable and top quality light is ensured.

A complete choice of optics, from narrow multichip to wide, with a 30% cut off, cover any lighting need, allowing and flawless installation in any material and environment. The adjustable version fe

atures an advanced designed system as easy as precise and reliable for setting tilt and rotation, also with the product already in position. High performance LED luminaries for recessed installation. With a great design, Light Shooter combines the latest

LED technology with a high precision aiming system. Available in two sizes: 105mm, with power up to 12W, and 145mm with power up to 20W.

Trim an no trim installation, in fixed, wall-washer and adjustable version, and with a wide choice of optics

for beams from narrow to flood. Adjustable version is offered with an integrated protractor that ensures and helps you to get the desired beam angle before installation trough a double screw mechanism, very accurate an easy to use, saving time and facili

tating construction works.

Diffuser/reflector shapecircular

Flos Architectural, Italy