The Black Line

Product description

The dream of all lighting designer has finally come true: a revolutionary compact technology allows a virtually glare free optic in the most reduced recessed dimension, fully accessible after installation, for a luminaries family that can totally disappear in the ceiling, though providing an incredibly controlled beam of light, softly flood or strongly sharp according to the chosen version. The final achievement of the The Black Line is amazing: the light simply just appears. In other words, we have achieved the most shielded product of lighting industry with such good levels of efficiency. Revolutionary LED family for indoor application that offers a new concept of illumination, with a unique combination of multiple spots downlight for an unmatched effect of homogeneity.

The core of the system is a combination of specially designed silicon cones, with very reduced dimension in order to simplify installation and maintenance. The cones cover each LED module of the system, providing maximum cut-off to enhance visual comfort and in the same time designing the shape of the light, in narrow or flood beam according to the requirements of the project. Finally, the special geometry of the lens integrated in the cut off cones contributes to a virtually glare-free, total confort with the lighting feature totally integrated and fully accessible. The family is available with lines of 2/4/8/12 spots, both in accent lighting and general lighting.

Diffuser/reflector shapecircular

Flos Architectural, Italy