Belvedere Outdoor Spot 2 floor lamp

Product description

Belvedere was designed for outdoor use: in gardens or semi-public areas. It is designed to blend in with nature, to last and age well, like a tree. That is why its straightforward lines remind us of a plant. The continuous and fluid outline resembles

>the stalk of a flower, while the diffuser budding from the support looks like a corolla bending backwards. Like a plant, it is anchored firmly to the ground. The large base holds the wiring and gives it stability, giving a specific functionality.

hieved by bending a single tube, it offers the rounded edges of natural forms without entering into metamorphic temptation.
The consistency of the section and the compact dimensions give an impression of strength, highlighted by the matte finishes th

at seem to be borrowed from the mineral world. They hide technology, giving light to the magically spontaneous
phenomenon of a budding flower.

Collection of lamps for the technical and scenic lighting of exteriors All the

versions have their main components made in phosphochromated aluminium alloy and painted with powder coating. The external finish is mica- type, brown in colour.
Insulation level I/II and protection level IP55/66 (dust penetration and protection fro

m strong water jets).

Apparatus for floor installation that can have different heights and have one or two heads in the version on the pole. The regulation / spotting of the light source can come about axially acting on t

he covering rose or directly on the head, on corners that respect the directive concerning light pollution.

The light sources:
discharge: CDM-TC G8,5 35/70W
compact fluorescence: TC-TEL GX24q-3 26W
halogens: HSGS E27 max 150W

/>For discharge sources there are superpure aluminium reflectors with three exit angles (14°, 24° flood); for fluorescent sources there is a reflector with wide flood exit angle (80°) while for the halogen source there is a wide flood reflect

or with whitened finish.

Accessories that can be assembled: beehive

Height360 mm
Diameter200 mm
Light regulationone light level
Stand/ mountingwith footplate
Diffuser/reflector shapeconic
Diameter head of lamp200 mm
Form of protection (DIN 40050)IP66 dust-proof/protection against: heavy seas
Safety classclass I (protective earthing)
Colorsshades of brown
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FLOS, Italy

Antonio Citterio

Toan Nguyen

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