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«I remember watching a short film about a juggler, Tony Duncan, rolling a set of spheres in the palm of his hands and up on his arms. There were moments when the spheres would seem perfectly still, on the edge of his fingers. Only if you looked very closely could you see them spinning around to achieve the balance. Then I came across the old photographs of Paul Cinquevalli, capturing a moment in the art of contact juggling.»

A stem of satin-finished brass. And on top, as if in a balancing act, a 30-centimetre glass sphere that projects outwards in a delicate equilibrium on the end of the slanting baton. Apparently unstable, the opalescent ball looks as though it might slip away, as if it were a circus object, or the apparatus for a juggler’s act in which both elements — sphere and baton — are magically balanced. The IC Lights floor lamp by Michael Anastassiades (also available in wall-mounted, table and hanging versions) has the poetic grace and visionary design quality that have always characterised the work of this Cypriot designer. Yet the unexpected story behind this lamp is inspired by interesting topical concerns. The acronym IC, for example, refers to the Identification Code used by the British immigration agency to classify the country of origin of immigrants entering the United Kingdom. Therefore, with the design of this lamp, Anastassiades comments on the precarious equilibrium of identities, reflecting on the delicate balance inherent in one’s condition as a foreigner, in a life intent on not rolling away, just like a sphere on an inclined surface.

Anastassiades often makes forays into the borderland between design and contemporary art. His philosophy aims at the creation of objects that can produce a permanent value, always at the frontier with artwork. His designs and things originate from a philosophical but also poetic process. However, Anastassiades never forgoes a meticulous search for materials and craftsmanship that endows each of his objects with a uniquely precious quality, as in the case of IC Lights with the choice of brushed brass and painted anthracite.

Stand/ mountingfixed mounting
Diffuser/reflector shapespherical
Diameter head of lamp200 mm
Colorsgold / brass
copper / bronze
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Flos, Italy

Michael Anastassiades