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Presented:Euroluce 2009, Milan
Categories: Interior lightingPendant lights
Product description

“There’s a market in London called Smithfield and these lamps take their inspiration from a certain typology of metal lamp shade which used to hang in these kind of situations. I’ve always liked the industrial and functional character of these lights, and

wanted to make a project out of them, looking for some way of making use of their efficiency in delivering light, and the forms themselves which are so much a part of the good atmosphere of industrial spaces”. Jasper Morrison Smithfield is a light with a

history that links it to a hidden past, where its origins are lost in the artisan manufacturing process. Its shape is permeated by its history, positioning it where tradition seems to win out over novelty at any cost. Jasper Morrison is not afraid to rev

eal that his inspiration came from looking at the lights in London’s Smithfield meat market. By giving the design the name of this physical location, Morrison not only pays tribute to it, but asserts that Smithfield is a modern restyling of a very well-kn

own and popular shape. Simple and elegant, with slinky lines and a so¬phisticated curvy shape in deep-drawn stainless steel, this light fully satisfies both functional and practical needs. Smith¬field is a suspended and ceiling, indirect light source, ava

ilable in two versions featuring different lighting technology: R7s halogen or compact 24W fluorescent. With its understated, discrete design, Smithfield can adapt to fit perfectly in any setting and is available in painted glossy black or white. Neutral

colours that are reminiscent on one hand of the design’s industrial background, and accentuate on the other its allure as a silent and versatile object.

Emission classA
Stand/ mountingwith pendant hanging
Diffuser/reflector shapecircular
Diameter head of lamp600 mm
Pendant length2500 mm
Materialstainless steel
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Flos, Italy

Jasper Morrison