Presented:Euroluce 2011, Milan
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Product description

Things small and large often have deep affinities. This well-known axiom has been fascinating us for centuries, so m so that two of the most recent creations by Piero Lissone focus on this analogy between the tiny on one hand and grandeur of the universe

on the other. The designer’s chosen names for the TSIH and TYL sconce lights, both featurin simple, sober design, are the names of stars. TSIH stands out for its T-profile and TYL for its L-shape. Similar in term their purity and minimalism, and sharing

the coolness of the aluminium from which they are made, these sconce lig differ in terms of their light diffusion. One directs its beam of light both onto the ceiling and the wall beneath it, w the other projects its light in one direction only. Eliminat

ing all frills and unnecessary decorations, the designer created discrete sources of light that modulate the walls with their presence. Given the synthetic design and mini form of these two sconce lights Lissoni, guided by a visionary spirit, concentrate

s the grandeur of the heavens in two names, as if wishing to introduce a poetic touch into our interiors.

Light regulationone light level
Stand/ mountingfixed mounting
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Flos, Italy

Piero Lissoni