Product description

“Little stars falling down from heaven; disguised as flowers, lighting with lightness, Softening our architecture, surrounding with sweetness, and ligh¬ting our nights from nearby and afar.” Marcel Wanders Its shape is both simple and exciting. A wall or

ceiling lamp, Wall flower is a typical example of an ever existing creation. Designed for external use during the darkest nights, it gives a suggestive and intimate atmosphere. A simple flower made of impressed glass apparently originating from nothing,

emanates a diffuse and pleasant light thanks to the new generation of remote phosphor ‘power LED’ modules. Attractive, even if switched off, Wall flower is produced in two versions: the opaque glass version emanates a continuous and diffused light halo,

whilst in the glossy crystal version, its shape seems to vanish due to the small rays of light emitted. With its joyful but discreet presence, Wallflower is a perfect example of a light source which decorates and enriches home or business environments. <


Depth56 mm
Diameter157 mm
Stand/ mountingfixed mounting
Diffuser/reflector shapeorganic
obscured glass

Flos, Italy

Marcel Wanders