Presented:BAU 2015, Munich
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Product description

Curved rather than straight - durlum has worked with designer Thomas Krauss to develop an entirely new kind of metal ceiling. With its curved edges and its variety of geometric shapes, FLUID® delivers an entirely new ceiling concept that offers completely innovation design options. It counterpoints the strict lines of conventional ceilings with a flowing, harmonious room 'look' and imbues rooms with a unique character.

FORMING SHAPES – unlike conventional, rectangular metal ceilings, on FLUID® it is the jointing that constitutes the main design feature. With just a few different and readily relocatable elements, completely individual ceiling configurations can be created. In contrast to the gentle curves and seamless transitions of FLUID®-L, FLUID®-C describes elegant circles. In yet another contrast, FLUID®-O makes it possible to form entirely creative free shapes, limited only by your imagination.

INTEGRATING FUNCTIONS – different functions can be integrated in the jointing and ceiling elements, e.g. lighting, acoustic features or technical equipment. In particular, this system is intended for the integration of ceiling and lighting elements. Lighting elements such as the LED PUNTEO®-Q50 downlight or the LUMEO®-R lighting panel can be incorporated seamlessly in the ceiling, perfectly complementing the ceiling system.

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