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Product description

The normal styles created using concrete are angular and very puristic. With MIDAS, we go into a different direction. The harmoniously styled washbasin unites an organic form and an elliptical drain in the middle. The very smooth surface of the interior a

nd exterior of the basin are testimony of an elaborate production process. MIDAS is cast in one piece and uses no plastic compounds. For those wishing even more exclusivity, the washbasin is also available with a 23,75 carat gold inlay. The gold is spray

ed and sealed on the very smooth inner surface of the washbasin. The result is a very scratch-resistant surface. Without this procedure, the golden surface would be too soft and would soon disappear after a period of normal use.
In every day use, wa

ter flows through your hands into the washbasin and leaves behind a golden luster as is flows down the drain. Gold and concrete have united in a unique combination, lending a simple and lackluster material, namely concrete, a completely new charm.

Width580 mm
Height155 mm
Depth360 mm
Colorsshades of grey
gold / brass

Form in Funktion, Germany

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