Agitari Chair

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Product description

Even though this simple and elegant chair in form-tensioned veneer, presented by Fredericia Furniture in our 2007 collection, is almost as comfortable to sit on as if it were made of fabric, the designer Peter Karpf has now released a cushioned version of

this chair. He has maintained the original, light expression inspired by his garden clothes-line:
"The shell should look like a piece of cloth hanging on a clothes-line and fluttering in the wind. It needed to keep its elegance and lightness&qu

ot;, says Peter Karpf, the designer of the chair.
Using new technology, it is possible to make the wooden shell so thin that it appears as having been made of plastic when viewed at a distance. This surprising effect was a conscious design element.

r />"It is an eye opener because it is not made of the material one would spontaneously think of. This is a surprise that makes people want to try out the chair. I really enjoy having achieved this effect," tells Peter Karpf.
Only the insid

e of the chair is padded. In this way, the chair when viewed from the back appears sharp and light, while it is now somewhat softer to sit on, and there are even more colours to choose from when fitting out rooms.

Width 560 mm
Height 870 mm
Depth 540 mm
Seat finish with upholstery
Height of seat 450 mm
Base finish with legs
Backrest finish with back padding
Armrest finish without armrests
Material oak
nut wood
Colors shades of brown
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Fredericia, Denmark

Peter Karpf