Product description

SUNDAY is a modular lounge sofa from Fredericia Furniture, which is guaranteed to make any day of the week into a relaxing Sunday experience. SUNDAY is also a sofa for everyone who wants to exert influence over the sofa’s design. It offers a range of comb

inations - both in how the modules are put together and choice of textiles and colours for the sofa. You are sure to be able to find a combination that exactly meets your needs.

SUNDAY is up to the minute, in that it plays on its contrasts. The sof

a has a modern, compact look, while the buttons in the top cushion take it in a more classical direction. This leaves a different visual impression, giving the sofa personality and character.

SUNDAY is designed by the Danish agency FurnID, which al

ready has the innovative clothes hangers “HOOK ME UP” and the exclusive daybed DEKKA in production at Fredericia Furniture. Their design philosophy is to create friendly and welcoming products that attract attention. And the new lounging sofa SUNDAY lives

up to their philosophy completely.

Seat finish with upholstery
Backrest finish with backrest
Armrest finish with armrests
Colors shades of blue

Fredericia, Denmark