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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ and Lightyears™ proudly welcome the internationally oriented Danish architect, designer and professor Bodil Kjaer to their design family, with the re-introduction of the Cross-Plex™ lamp from 1961. This new design collaboration is part of a series of new initiatives from Fritz Hansen to continue the design company’s proud traditions of exquisite craftsmanship, quality and timeless design by producing pieces which both compliment and add a new dimension to the Nordic design realm of Fritz Hansen.

The Cross-Plex™ lamp reflects Bodil Kjaer’s philosophy of not merely designing but creating solutions and solving problems. The lamp was conceived after Kjaer burnt some newspapers on lit candles at her home; The solution was to design a lamp that could substitute the use of candles whilst bringing the same kind of ‘Hygge’ to the room.

The Cross-Plex™ lamp is a true example of Bodil Kjaer’s functionalistic approach to design with its clean-cut and straight lines. The base in clear acrylic glass is shaped like a cross and constructed as a puzzle, leaving the exact amount of space needed for the cord to ascend in the centre where it perfectly meets the socket. The cubic shade is formed from opal acrylic glass and when seen in profile, the table lamp almost looks like a miniature building with the opal shade representing an illuminated roof - touching upon aesthetics of big-city nightlife and international hotel interiors.

Design Manager at Lightyears, Dorthe Helm, is very excited about including the Cross-Plex lamp in the collection. “Cross-Plex is as relevant today as it was almost 60 years ago, adding a new design language to the Lightyears collection. The design and the idea behind it, look so simple, almost obvious, and yet I have never seen anything like it. The honesty and functionality in the piece makes it a classic and timeless lamp which will fit beautifully into every modern home. I believe Cross Plex complements our highly praised Nordic lighting tradition by adding a more international style.” Dorthe Helm continues, “It is quite unique to relaunch the Cross-Plex lamp in close cooperation with Bodil Kjaer, and a privilege to learn from her stories, from a fascinating life and career which was rare for a woman from her generation”.
Dorthe Helm, Design Manager – Lightyears.

Stand/ mountingwith legs
Diffuser/reflector shapesquare
Materialacrylic (PMMA)

Fritz Hansen, Denmark

Bodil Kjær
1961, 2018

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by Fritz Hansen

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