4059 0034

4059 0034
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Product description

The quality of any system of pictograms is primarily defined by its simplicity and exhaustiveness. Our pictograms have no truck with fads and trends, having recourse to a clear and unequivocal visual language instead. Originally devised as signage for the

Munich Olympic Games and Frankfurt Airport by graphic artist Otl Aicher, they have lost none of their exemplary impact and are still utterly contemporary more than 35 years on. The ongoing addition of new pictograms reflects technical innovations as well

as the convergence of international markets.The spectrum of over 400 signs covers virtually every application in the public and commercial spheres. All pictograms draw on a uniform, copyrighted formal vocabulary, thus allowing for random permutations wit

hin the system. FSB engraves, lasers or tampon- prints these pictograms onto aluminium or stainless steel signplates. The production technique is set out on

Length100 mm
Width100 mm

FSB, Germany