4224 42

4224 42
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Product description

The FSB 4224 lockset plate for glass doors terminates flush with any DIN frame, thus visually unifying frame and hardware. Door frames that are not to the DIN specification can, of course, also be used – though the flush-frame effect cannot then be guaran

teed. The furniture can also be used in conjunction with partition systems. The glass door’s transparency is underscored by the tight dimensions of the lock cover, which is some 10 % smaller than in standard glass door furniture. This paring-down was achi

eved by developing a special-purpose lock that is every bit as rugged and functional as larger models as well as being suitable for all sizes of glass door. We have developed a special heavy-duty bearing for heavily frequented doors involving an expansion

sleeve in Teflon-coated stainless steel that encompasses the door handle over its entire bushing area whilst also dependably withstanding the mechanical forces exerted on large-format glass doors.

Width89 mm
Height170 mm
Depth41.6 mm
stainless steel

FSB, Germany

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