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Security Class either - both versions accordingly have an S2 classification under DIN EN 1906. A further distance of 27.5 mm from the lock centre to the inside of the door is required to be able to flush-fit the inside rose too. This gives rise to a minim

um door thickness of 56.5 mm, which is merely theoretical in nature, however: the crucial dimensions for flush-fitting purposes are the 33.5 mm and 29 mm already referred to. The flushrecessing of hardware necessitates routing out an area 61.5 mm in diame

ter and 12.5 mm deep on the outside of the door and an area 56 mm in diameter and 7 mm deep on the inside. The lug boreholes (Ø 9mm) need to be 38 mm apart and at least 7 mm deep on both sides. The areas machined subsequently require sealing. Since flush

fitting has no bearing on the Security Class, armoured roses can of course also be allowed to project by a few millimetres or, indeed, they can be "classically" surface-mounted, a solution every bit as visually impressive given the elemental geometry imb

uing 7396. Similarly, the client can dispense with inward flush fixing so as to harmonise the rose with classic hardware on all other internal doors. Please request solutions of this kind individually. These options and a wide variety of available materia

ls open up

Depth12.5 mm
Diameter60.5 mm
Materialstainless steel
copper / bronze
gold / brass

FSB, Germany