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Product description

Applications exist in which it is not permissible for the handle to protrude above the surface of the door, in the case of sliding-door designs, for instance, or gymnasium doors. FSB has devised two models of gymnasium fittings for such applications. The

FSB 7949 model is angular with mitred corners. FSB 7950, by contrast, features rounded edges. Flush handles FSB 7949 and 7950 are combined on the reverse side with hardware from the FSB heavy-duty programme, with the option of either a backplate or rose.

Doors to which flush handles are to be fitted must be at least 55 mm thick. To rule out any chance of injury, it should be ensured when be fitting the handle that there is sufficient backset and the rim rests fully flush against the door.

Width162 mm / 197 mm
Height235 mm / 200 mm
Depth23 mm
Materialstainless steel

FSB, Germany

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