VK 230

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Product description

Steaming, as the initiated seldom fail to point out, is a particularly gentle and healthy way to cook food. The highly effective heat transfer properties of moist air produce wonderfully tender, juicy results with delicate vegetables, potatoes, rice, fish

, shellfish and meat. No other method of cooking takes such good care of the flavour, aroma, appearance, consistency and colour of food. Unlike boiling water and pressurized steam, hot pressureless steam also leaves the nutrients in food largely intact, m

aking it one of the healthiest ways to cook. Broccoli, for example, loses 67% of its vitamin C content on boiling as against just 20% when steamed. Steam prevents flavours mixing too, as any juice escaping from the cooking food passes into the cooking wat

er but not the steam. The water left in the steam hob after use can actually make an excellent base for a soup or sauce.

Complements the 30 cm Vario 200 series

Width288 mm
Depth510 mm
stainless steel
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Gaggenau, Germany