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Product description

ENCORE carpet, a well-known part of Hanna Korvela Design collection since 1998, springs to new life in 2009 as Hanna Korvela Design presents ENCORE2 carpet. The minimalist and earthy ENCORE is a combination of paper yarn and cotton. In ENCORE2 the natural

tone of the paper yarn has been replaced by pure white and colour range of the cotton has been simplified to include eight soft tones.
ENCORE2 carpet intensifies the minimalist look of the ENCORE carpet by giving it a cooler and more urban character.

In the smooth surface of ENCORE2 carpet the white, lucid paper yarn and subtle colours of the cotton tricot along with black cotton warp create an exciting graphic effect.
As a decorative piece ENCORE2 carpet is clean and tranquil. It snuggles close t

o the floor, leaving room for furnishing. ENCORE2 carpet works well as an individual piece of the interior or it can be combined with the full-bodied Duetto carpet to create balanced entities.
ENCORE2 carpet carries all the well-known qualities of ENCO

RE carpet: it is also dust-free, durable and recyclable.

materials: paper yarn and 100% cotton tricot
production technique: woven
sizes: standard sizes, custom sizes by order, maximum width 3.00 m
colours: 8 colours for cotton (white, crea

m, stone, nutria, brown, grey, yellow, black), paper yarn white

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Hanna Korvela, Finland

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