Ultra Cube

Product description

The evolution of the RightTwistCube of Hellers Frank Gehry Furniture Collection is the UltraCube. With sleek surfaces & flowing lines in a high gloss silver finish the UltraCube is a sculpture in space - indoors and outdoors. “This is the beginn

ing of an exploration,” said Frank Gehry when he began working with Heller. The UltraCube is the next step in this journey. Made with a completely new technology and materials, the UltraCube is brilliant in all ways. With its resistant high-glossy s

urface,this multi-functional piece is perfect, indoors and outdoors. Heller is now issuing the UltraCube in black, white and silver.

Width 455 mm
Height 435 mm
Depth 455 mm
Weight 910 kg
Backrest finish without backrest
Armrest finish without armrests
Material plastics (unspecified)
Colors silver
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Heller, United States

Frank Gehry