Product description

Designed in 2012 by Federico Churba, CERCO is a rectilinear shelving unit made of the new-generation acryclic stone, HI-MACS®. It is a true work of art, which looks totally different depending on the position of the shelves. If they are all placed in the same direction, they give more linearity to the unit and a sensation of calm and serenity. If they are placed in opposite directions, the unit has a more disorderly look, creating a very contemporary, “chaotic” atmosphere. This shelving unit comes with adjustable screws, so it can be set up anywhere, including on the most uneven of surfaces. HI-MACS® was an obvious choice for these shelves, as it is very hard-wearing and non-porous, and any scratches can easily be removed by polishing.

Propertieseasy to recycle

HI-MACS®, Germany

Federico Churba