Om 1.0 Table

Om 1.0 Table
Product description

This beautiful rectangular table perfectly embodies Olivier Moravik's concept of design with its sleek geometric contours that need no embellishments; function highlights the finer points. A 180x80 cm table that beautifully combines purity and grace. Also available in 250x90 cm, this table even comes in a striking 5-meter version posed on three trestles. All sizes feature a HI-MACS® tabletop resting on an oak base and blend in flawlessly with the designer's creations. The timeless quality of wood sparks warmth and life into the luxuriously smooth feel of Solid Surface, transforming this line of furniture into casual inviting tables you can customize in any color from the Solid range.

Seat finishwithout upholstery
Base finishcolumn base
Backrest finishwithout backrest
Armrest finishwithout armrests
Table finishfour-legged table
Table top shaperectangular
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HI-MACS®, Germany

Olivier Moravik

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