SD 007

Product description

While fully respecting the functional, technical and geometric restrictions that are typical of performing lights, such as architectural lights, Valerio Cometti did not just carry out a styling exercise; he wanted to extend the horizons of the new family

of SD 007 spotlights, contaminating their primary function of lighting with that of an emergency light. As a true lover of sincere dialogue between form and function, Valerio Cometti has enriched the practicality of these spotlights, freeing their form a

nd making the dual function an extra stylish feature rather than an obstacle. SD 007 is the first step along a technological journey that will not be mapped out very easily: because now if there is a power failure the SD 007 spotlights will mark out a lig

hted safety track. The highly recognisable shape has undergone the usual refining work in its proportions that Cometti submits all his creations to, while the precious die cast aluminium body highlights the overall quality of this innovative product.


1 x max 50W GU 5,3 12V Dic
1 x max 8W GU 5,3 12V LED
1 x max 50W GU10
1 x max 35W GX10
Kit für LED Leuchte ON-OFF
1 x 1W Led 350 mA
Auf Anfrage mit Kit für
Notbeleuchtung erhältlich
1 ÷ 4 x 1W Led 350 mA

Diffuser/reflector shapecircular
Depth145 mm
Diameter100 mm
Installation height1300 mm
shades of grey

I Tre, Italy

Valerio Cometti