boxer T Floodlicht

Product description

The T version of the boxer range completes perfectly the constructiove program covering the whole power array of high pressure discharge lamps that goes from 35 to 150W in the metal halide versions with quartz or ceramic burner and white solar light sodiu

m White Son. A feature peculiar to boxer models is the great luminous efficiency, that allows considerable energy savings.

The presence of a die-cast counterflange inside the fixture allows the quick insertion of a shielding grid or coloured filt

The use of electronic ballasts allows the steady power operation of the lamp also in case of mains variations.
One can thus obtain a greater luminous flux stability and lamp life span.

A rich array of accessories makes the program qu

ite adaptable and able to satisfy any installation need:

D30T/VS shielding visor
D30T/GP shielding grid
D30T/V coloured glass
D30T/PZ ground spike

Functions pivoting
Stand/ mounting fixed mounting
Diffuser/reflector shape circular
Inspection seal /certification CE
Depth of luminaire head 163 mm
Diameter head of lamp 200 mm
Width 200 mm
Height 345 mm
Depth 163 mm
Form of protection (DIN 40050) IP66 dust-proof/protection against: heavy seas
Safety class class I (protective earthing)
Fire prevention classes F
Material metal (unspecified)
stainless steel
glass (unspecified)
Colors silver
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Ing. Castaldi Illuminazione, Italy