eco Recessed light

Product description

Double emission controlled by optical prisms

sober but unmistakable shape, easy installation, sophisticated technical performances make eco a safe and reliable product.

Light emission is birectional allowing a mainly direct or indire

ct lighting, according to the given direction. The emission, controlled by a prismatic diffuser, ensures an effective and economical operation with 18 or 26W compact fluorescent lamps.

Functions fixed
Stand/ mounting fixed mounting
Inspection seal /certification CE
Height head of lamp 135 mm
Depth of luminaire head 75 mm
Length 265 mm
Height 135 mm
Depth 140 mm
Form of protection (DIN 40050) IP65 dust-proof/protection against: water jets
Safety class class I (protective earthing)
Fire prevention classes F
Material plastics (unspecified)
polycarbonate (PC)
Colors white
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Ing. Castaldi Illuminazione, Italy

Maurizio Bertoni