genova mast light

Stylepark-ID: 04.1279.10066
Categories: Outdoor lightingStreet lamps
Urban spaceStreet lighting
Product description

System for road and outdoor areas lighting

having a clean, essential but at the same time soft and evocative shape, genova is a balanced meeting point between past and future.
Genova can give a particularly effective light emission; pole m

ounting can be made by means of different accessories, each of them can be single or double.

Functions fixed
Diffuser/reflector shape circular
Inspection seal /certification CE
Height 6000 - 8200 mm / 8200 mm
Form of protection (DIN 40050) IP66 dust-proof/protection against: heavy seas
Safety class class II (protective isolation)
Fire prevention classes F
Material aluminium
plastics (unspecified)
Colors shades of grey
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Ing. Castaldi Illuminazione, Italy