oblò/ sub Underwater light

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Product description

The led versions with white, red, green, blue light with only 16W power ( white and blue ones) 12V (green and red ones), for 12V underwater operation, allow with very low energy costs to perform different scenic-lighting requirements eliminating the probl

em of re-lamping and maintenance thanks to the life span of the diode led estimated in approx. 100.000 hours.

Underwater fixture for fixed installation on flat surfaces (basins, fountains, waterpools) Right for 100W-12V halogen lamps or with di

ode led, both models feeded by remote security transformer.

Functions fixed
Diffuser/reflector shape circular
Inspection seal /certification CE
Depth 122 mm
Diameter 195 mm
Form of protection (DIN 40050) IP68 dust-proof/protection against: submersion
Safety class class III (protective low voltage)
Fire prevention classes F
Material plastics (unspecified)
polycarbonate (PC)
Colors black
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Ing. Castaldi Illuminazione, Italy