Dew Drops Floor

Presented: Euroluce 2015, Milan
Stylepark-ID: 04.1169.11122
Categories: Interior lightingStanding lamps
Product description

In all models of Dew Drops, the light is emitted from a sheet reminiscent of a softly falling cloth. The sheet seems ‘to come from the future, from the setting of a science-fiction movie‘, as put by a young visitor of Ingo Maurer’s Munich showroom. Hundreds of light emitting diodes generate this effect.

The third and newest model of Dew Drops is a flexible floor lamp. The transparent plastic sheet with 750 LEDs can be fixed to serve as up- or downlight, as floor uplighter or reading lamp next to sitting furniture. Many of its parts can be inclined, turned around and positioned in various ways. Dew Drops Floor invites the user to experiment, to co-design and to change according to the situation. The rather delicate construction makes sure the floor lamp isn’t intrusive, but melts into its surroundings.

With 2600 Lumen, 3000 Kelvin and a CRI of over 90 Ra the sheet makes a very pleasant and bright light, while consuming only 23 watts (EEC A). On the sheet, there’s a touch sensor for dimming and switching on and off. A sheet of paper is included and can optionally be used to vary the light effect. Optionally, a second LED sheet can be added. Both foils have a touch sensor for dimming and switching on and off. A general switch is placed on one of the rods.

Emission class A
Width 260 mm
Height 2080 mm
Colors white
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Ingo Maurer, Germany

Ingo Maurer & Team

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