Elevation (Heuga 710) Snake Charmer

Elevation (Heuga 710) Snake Charmer
Stylepark-ID: 10.6030.00356
Categories: Floors CarpetsCarpet squares
Product description

Elevation is an example of innovative design and excellent construction. Elevation is presented as a microtuft level loop construction offering superior performance in heavy traffic areas and can withstand aggressive maintenance. With its stripy appearanc

e in 16 colourways, Elevation can be used as a standalone product in a quarter-turn installation to provide a striking look that can work in almost any interior space. The densely constructed tiles are manufactured with a very low weight, delivering excep

tional performance with minimum material.

Total weight 48 g/m²
Length 500 mm
Width 500 mm
Material polymide / nylon (PA)
Colors shades of green
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