Radio smoke detector

Radio smoke detector
Presented: Light+Building 2014, Frankfurt
Stylepark-ID: 03.1898.00183
Categories: Electrical installationsAlarms / Detectors
Product description

Smoke detectors save lives! As long as the alarm tone alerts the residents of any burning in good time, and in every part of the house, and as long as its proper functioning is ensured. The new JUNG radio smoke alarm masters both criteria with aplomb.

With its twelve years of battery life, the new radio alarm – just like the classic JUNG smoke alarm – carries out its task reliably over many years. Additionally the effective warning of any smoke and fire is now achieved over a radio network. With an interconnected community group option, the radio smoke alarm can be deployed in stairwells or entrance areas of multi-party buildings. This way up to 16 flats can be assigned.

The radio version of the smoke alarm with repeater function operates at a frequency of 868.3 MHz (FSK protocol), with a range of around 400m in a free field. A maximum of 15 radio smoke alarms can be networked to each group, and the number of groups is unlimited. Alongside the advantages mentioned, the new radio smoke alarm for ceiling installation has all the well-known product features of the classic JUNG smoke alarm. Of course this also includes quick, dirt-free installation with the certified magnetic/adhesive attachment system.

Height 38 mm
Diameter 100 mm
Frame shape circular
Colors white

JUNG, Germany

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