Presented:Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012, Stockholm
Categories: Home furnitureStorage / ShelvingSingle shelves
Product description

Cerco, designed by Federico Churba in 2012, is a white shelf unit in the unique HI-MACS® material. The shelf unit measures 400x400 mm and comes in heights of 800 and 1575 mm. HI-MACS® is a highly durable, mineral-based material with a non-porous surfac

e. Scratches can be removed by polishing the surface with a polishing detergent or by using a Scotch Brite pad to buff the damaged area with a regular circular motion. The form of the shelf unit means that you can create a totally different expression

by placing it to face in different directions, whether you use just a single unit, separate ones or several in a row. Facing in the same direction they produce an atmosphere of harmony and calm: facing in different directions gives a busier, more "ch

aotic" impression. The baseplate has adjustable screws to ensure that the unit stands straight on uneven surfaces. Cerco is ideal for retail displays as well as in the home, in the office, or as a room divider, etc.

Width400 mm
Height800 mm / 1575 mm
Depth400 mm

Karl Andersson, Sweden

Federico Churba